Book Stalking

One of the recent changes to Amazon’s KDP program was with the way they handle their Prime reporting. Previously, it used to be based on somebody reading 10%- so they read 10% of your book, you get a point.

Nowadays, it is based on pages read. For the best sellers out there, that probably doesn’t mean much, but to someone like me, it is quite fascinating.

Normally, I get about 1 read a week. That is gratifying enough, but it is always exciting to see how fast somebody reads my book.

I find it is generally within a day. Obviously, there is no way to know how Amazon process their hits, and I am sure the reporting is not in real time, but often there will be a spike in one day, and I can sit back and think “there’s a fan.”

But, last week… one page, five pages, nothing, another page… Like I said, I normally get one hit a week, so I’m pretty certain this is from the one reader. I can log in and see just how much they’re struggling, and I wish I could send them an email of encouragement.

I can’t help but build up a profile in my head: are they that pushed for time that they only get a few minutes a day to read? Screaming kids running around, ironing piling up… ‘just one page…’ MUMMMM!!

Or maybe they can’t stand the damn thing, but they just won’t give up. They’re sitting there, grinding their teeth, thinking “this is drivel.”

And they are conpletely oblivious to the fact that I’m watching it. That’s pretty awesome.

Also, slightly terrifying.


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