Batch Convert with ffmpeg

You just have to love a sexy title like that!

Lately, I’ve found myself needing to transcode a bunch of audio files to mp3. I can’t remember why I needed to, but the need was real and there was only ever going to be one solution.


So, there were two options available. Download some junk software from the net that would just use ffmpeg behind the scenes, or skip the adware and just do the same thing myself.

I found this snippet from StackOverflow (it has been too long, so I don’t have a link. Anyway, google it… it’s good for you.)

All you need:
1) download ffmpeg. It’s quite a large download for the job it needs to do, but if you are on Windows, you only need the ffmpeg.exe file. If you are on Linux, you’re on your own.
2) copy the ffmpeg.exe to its own folder.
3) create a batch file and copy in this text:

for %%A IN (*.mpeg) DO ffmpeg -i “%%A” “%%A.mp3”
for %%A IN (*.mpg) DO ffmpeg -i “%%A” “%%A.mp3”
for %%A IN (*.mp4) DO ffmpeg -i “%%A” “%%A.mp3”

4) name it “convert.bat” or something similar. Save it inside the folder with ffmpeg.exe. everything happens in this folder.
5) copy all your mpeg files to the folder and run convert.bat… There you go! All your files are now in mp3 format.

The astute amongst you would see that you could extend this quite easily, but this is all I needed. I can’t find a simpler way to convert video/audio files than this.

Have fun!


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