Preacher Man Available

A religious western? Hell, why not!

Preacher Man started life years ago in the back of my head. Originally it was going to be about a cult that went wrong, but I could never find the right angle for the story.

Thanks to Trump, there are now a lot more people that are feeling more confident in voicing their racist/sexist views. Often, it comes in the form of “he has some good points…” and then they shrink away. Nobody can ever articulate what those good points are, or why they are good (Not trying to get political, but I make it a habit of looking into their eyes when they stop speaking. The darkness there… It speaks louder than their words.)

It was talking to one of them when the story came back to the front of my mind, only now instead of a cult I was thinking of a priest in a small country town, surrounded by people that he couldn’t protect himself from. 

And now it’s done, you can get it here: Preacher Man (Amazon)

I hope you like it!


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