Goodbye Old Friend

Ten years is a long time. When it comes to tech, it feels like infinity. I can’t remember many PCs that I have had that last ten years.

But my laptop… Man, that machine lasted!

A Dell Inspiron 1501. 17 inch screen, dual core 64 bit AMD processors (you think I can afford Intel?) It did everything I wanted, and weighed a tonne doing it. I used to lug that thing around the country for work. The battery was never great, but I can remember forgetting my charger and my old workhorse didn’t fail.

There came a time when– like all tech– I wanted an upgrade. A new machine, bright and fresh and fancy. I wanted a keyboard that still had the letters printed on them, and not rubbed off into the ether. I wanted a battery that lasted more than 5 minutes. Maybe even something slim-line. Sexy, even.

But… Something changed. I didn’t want to say goodbye. This machine had earned my respect, and I had trouble letting go. I bought a new battery– $30 on Ebay– and it was like a new beast. 

I’ve been running Ubuntu, and it was as fast as ever… Then Ubuntu updated and it slowed down. It didn’t matter; I don’t need much speed. Just so long as it worked– and it always worked.

Then, one day, it didn’t. The power light came on, but nothing else. It was gone.

So goodbye, my old workhorse. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. You’ve kept me warm every winter (literally– that thing got hot!)  You’ve never missed a beat, never even lost a pixel.

You’ll be missed.


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