Working hard… 

Ah, so what do you do when your trusty laptop goes on without you? You improvise!

I’m a big fan of the Raspberry Pi, and since the model 3 has been out for a while, I have used it to run my media room. I always hoped I could use it as a PC, and a few weeks ago I was working from home, and I used a remote desktop client to connect to my Windows PC at work.

I thought it would be a fun experiment… I was blown away by the speed! The connection was better than running remote desktop on my Windows PC. It was like I was sitting at my desk!

So now that my laptop’s gone… why not give it a go? I write in LibreOffice anyway, and that is preinstalled on my Pi, so I have it a try.

It worked brilliantly! I sat outside in my studio, running the Pi and my projector. It ws fantastic- a friend has lent me a bunch of his vinyls, so I had some Beethoven playing and a decent coffee next to me. I even took out my cat.

The Pi didn’t miss a beat, so why  not use it as my regular machine? I don’t need much more than a word processor and an internet browser, and the Pi 3 can handle that pretty well (better than the earlier ones, that for sure.)

So… I bought a Pi-Top. What’s a Pi-Top you ask? Google it! 


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