How can so many people be wrong?

Black tea. Where to begin?

In the trash.

That’s where black tea belongs. It is vile. Stinks like grass, tastes like nothing much. It is repugnant.

I thought I would give it another go to break out of my coffee addiction. Why not? My wife likes her tea black, just strong enough so you can almost see the bottom of the cup (I have since learned that this is considered quite weak.) My wife is right about most things, so I thought her directions were a good place to start.

So I gave it a go. You can see the results in the image above. It was so disgusting that it didn’t warrant a photo in focus.

I took a sip. Nope. Took a second. Oh God. The third- to the drain! 

The tea is gone. It will never be back. It did stop me drinking another coffee, however.


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