The Albatross in the Desert- now with spell-check!

One of the problems with not having an editor is that little issues sneak into my published works before I can spot them.

Thankfully, I have a lovely wife that goes through my books line by line and tells me what’s wrong. 

And so I can now present version 2 of The Albatross in the Desert. Get it now from Amazon: here

I also took the time to update the cover. I always felt it needed something else, so I’ve added the wreck of a plane to the desert image to highlight the fact that it isn’t  actually about a bird in the desert, just in case there was some confusion.

I’m also working on a paperback version, but who has the time? It has taken me half a year to get the text updated, so expect another half year before a paperback will be available.

In the meantime, the next book to come out (sooner rather than later) will be The Last Mammoth. It’s the story of a professor that struggles to get funding for a trip to Siberia, where a woolly mammoth is rumoured to exist. The only way he can get there is with a hunting party that wants to shoot it for sport. 

It’s an excitinf adventure full of men in the snow who don’t particularly like or trust each other, but need each other to survive. 

Perfect holiday reading!


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