Jimmy’s Laws of Software Development

  1. THE APP MUST ALWAYS WORK. Under construction. To be completed. Launching in April. No. Never. Leave your dreams on paper. You are using paper, aren’t you?
  2. BUILD YOUR DATA FIRST. Most apps are surprisngly simple. Any data structure- even the most complex database- has common functions. An id? A header and a detail record? The ability to sort? Keep your app ugly and the data will flow quickly, and that keeps your complexity down and leaves you more time for the fun stuff. And if you need to store addresses, do yourself a favour and creat an address table. 
  3. ONE CLASS DOES ONE THING AND DOES IT WELL. Use classes where possible, and keep them simple. If you’re tempted to name a class Common, Global, Helper… go and get a coffee and think it through. Otherwise everything will be in Common except your address table. That will be in Global.

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