The Secret Review

I do love myself some crap fiction.

Ah, The Secret… I have tried to find somebody I know that owns a copy of this for years, but until now it has eluded me. I think it is the wax seal on the cover. It just looks mystical. And then on the back they are talking about Plato, Socrates, Einstein.

As a side-note: I learned how to pronounce Socrates thanks to Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Something tells me the people that love this book probably haven’t seen that movie, and are still pronouncing his name wrong.

Anyway… I was away with my wife and the place we were staying at had a copy, so naturally I picked it up. Hardcover, no less!

The dust jacket was tucked in against page 13. Not a good sign. Perhaps whoever last picked this up ran out of reading time?

I reached page 17.

If there had been a fire, I would have thrown this book into the fire. It is dreadful. Purile. Rubbish. The worst attempt at self-help I have ever seen. It is full of quotes and ideas that are just pure bullshit. It is the equivalent of sitting on a bus as a sixteen year old and believing all the crap the girl in front of you is sprouting.

If you can get beyond Page 17, you deserve a medal.

Now, there are plenty of books out there that are similar: big on ideas, low on proof. They are better. All of them.

The Magic of Thinking Big? A charming read, full of people that never existed and problems that never happened, but it is quite grounded to the real world and you can apply the logic to anything. A simple, positive book.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living? Another easy to digest book, and like the one mentioned above, it is very folksy and quaint, but still engaging.

The Chariots of the Gods? Not a self-help book at all, but reading the Secret, this was the only other book that came to mind. All grand statements with no proof and little detail. In fact: pure bullshit, but at least it has aliens and archaeology in it.

So do yourself a favour: put down the Secret, pick up Chariots of the Gods? instead. It will be right up your alley, and will give you more entertaining dreams.

And it is likely to be more factual.


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