Terraformer released

Who feels like a bit of sci-fi? Awesome!

Take a look at Terraformer: a sci-fi about a terraforming engineer that is enlisted by an old friend to transform a planet.

I have to confess: this has a lot of clichés in it. It is getting out everything I’ve ever liked about movies and books and shoving it into the one story. I never realised it as I was writing it, but reading through the draft made some inspirations pretty clear. Aliens. Die Hard. Star Trek. Black Mirror. There is inspiration from all of these, I can’t lie. There’s quite a lot of The Most Dangerous Game, especially the film version, as well.

But it is a fun read if you feel like something that is a bit familiar. It is very pulpy, which I think is always a plus.

I’ve been watching a lot of William Shatner, so take from that what you will.

I’m hoping it sells enough to write another sci-fi. Right now, Centurion Blood is doing quite well. So if this doesn’t work, there is always more historical fiction to draw from.

Download it HERE.


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