Terraformer released

Who feels like a bit of sci-fi? Awesome! Take a look at Terraformer: a sci-fi about a terraforming engineer that is enlisted by an old friend to transform a planet. I have to confess: this has a lot of clich├ęs in it. It is getting out everything I’ve ever liked about movies and books and shoving…

Centurion Blood Now Available

Did somebody say “Historical Fiction?” Did somebody say “Ancient Rome?” I hope so, because that’s what I’ve just written about! Centurion Blood is a novella set during the second Punic war, when Hannibal of Carthage was marching on Rome. It is based on the Battle of Lake Trasimene- one of the bloodiest in history. It…

The Last Mammoth – available now!

Hot off the press… My latest book is now available at Amazon. If you have a Kindle, get it here. It is a thrilling yarn about an old professor on the hunt for a Woolly Mammoth. It is only a few dollars, and it should surely entertain you for an evening or two.

The Albatross in the Desert- now with spell-check!

One of the problems with not having an editor is that little issues sneak into my published works before I can spot them. Thankfully, I have a lovely wife that goes through my books line by line and tells me what’s wrong.  And so I can now present version 2 of The Albatross in the…

Preacher Man Available

A religious western? Hell, why not! Preacher Man started life years ago in the back of my head. Originally it was going to be about a cult that went wrong, but I could never find the right angle for the story. Thanks to Trump, there are now a lot more people that are feeling more…

What happened to book 2?

Hancock and Boothe… two adventurers having a great time around the world. So many stories! I had grand plans to continue their adventures, but for some reason I just can’t bring myself to do it. But I haven’t given up, and I’m sure those two old men will make an appearance sooner rather than later….

The Albatross in the Desert (Hancock and Boothe Book 1)

Some of you might have been reading the stories I have posted here. If so (and if you have enjoyed them) I now have a novella ready for sale. Check it out: The Albatross in the Desert It’s cheap, quick and a lot of fun!

THE GOOD TERRORIST free this Sunday

If you have a Kindle, and feel in the mood for a thriller, download THE GOOD TERRORIST. It’s free this SUNDAY FEBRUARY 14 (US time.) Download link: The Good Terrorist

Book Stalking

One of the recent changes to Amazon’s KDP program was with the way they handle their Prime reporting. Previously, it used to be based on somebody reading 10%- so they read 10% of your book, you get a point. Nowadays, it is based on pages read. For the best sellers out there, that probably doesn’t…